An educational TV programme to raise Animal Welfare Awareness

Animal Diaries

Animal Diaries is a live TV programme aired weekly on Television Malta (TVM and TVM2). Since the beginning, Animal Diaries works tirelessly to highlight issues related to the welfare of all animals and how we can minimise the impact of all human actions that are detrimental to their wellbeing. This includes the conservation of endangered species, including the destruction of our natural resources and pollution of the Mediterranean Sea, which is destroying many kinds of marine life.

During the programme, Animal Diaries invites various experts and the general public to debate interesting topics, some of which are highly controversial that are meant to raise awareness and give a voice to these animals. Amongst the most controversial topics discussed, Animal Diaries has been active in revealing the cruelty inflicted to live-animals that are made to perform in circuses and marine parks. Other topics included the inadequate conditions in which wild animals are kept in public and private zoos as well as the safety and wellbeing of horses on our roads. In April 2015, we have worked closely with BirdLife Malta to tackle the various issues related to the illegal killing of migratory birds that travel to Malta during the Spring Season, threatening the long-term conservation of their species.

Amongst the team of Animal Diaries working heartily and contributing her sensitive and creative ideas to the programme is Josianne Vesic, a Gestalt psychotherapist who strongly believes that animals are a must in both children’s and adult’s life! ‘Compassion’ is the key! Join us every Saturdays at 18:50 for an educational hour and uplifting stories of rescued and re homed animals and more. A repeat is aired on Sunday at 18:00 on TVM2.

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Report Animal Abuse

Animal neglect comprises the vast majority of cruelty cases to which animal welfare officers respond. Call 1717, a new easy telephone number for animal welfare. The Animal Welfare Department found in Ghammieri, ensures that the animals’ rights are respected and that the laws concerning the way animals are treated are abided to.

Pet Adoption

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